Meet our ever-growing global community. With the nomadic, travel lifestyle comes quite a dynamic to what we call family and the efforts that we make to stay connected. This page is dedicated to friends who we have met and felt an instant connection with along our travels. Here you will find info about and links to fellow artist and creative individuals who are doing some amazing things all across the world. 

Meet our ever-growing global community. With the nomadic, travel lifestyle comes quite a dynamic to what we call family and the efforts that we make to stay connected. This page is dedicated to our friends and family, that we have met and felt an instant connection with along our travels. Here you will find info about and links to fellow artist and creative individuals who are doing some amazing things all across the world. 

meet the tribe

Our vision is that our music and creative community would grow in a way, that this message of love, hope, and healing would make a greater impact in the world around us. As our sphere of influence continues to expand, we have determined in our hearts to use whatever platform and favor we are given as an opportunity to create space for other visionaries and dreamers to do what they were made for. We desire to see people thrive in life.

This page is a hub to bring more awareness to and support beautiful folks we believe are making a difference and are following the call to walk out created purpose. Our hope is that as the years go by, this community would expand and be a part of birthing a "Revolution of Love" that sustains positive change across the globe.

Arise Global

Nick & Jess Lowe

Jethros CoffeE

Jon & Joanna Gurr

Ascending Bird Sanctuary

The Barba Family

Arise Global is a grassroots, 501(c)3 non-profit organization, currently focusing their energy and efforts towards serving the people of Ethiopia in East Africa. Arise Global was established in 2016 in the heart of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia by Nick and Jessica Lowe.

To break the cycle of young women being exploited through commercial sex work in Ethiopia by providing tools and resources needed to live a free and full life. To empower and build healthy leaders around the globe. 


EMPOWER: We believe that empowerment brings freedom for people to thrive and live fully. We live empowered to empower generations.

FAMILY: In family, there is safety to grow and to discover who we are. Through authentic relationships and partnerships, we walk together intentionally establishing the concept of family and community everywhere we go.

TRANSPARENCY: We hold honesty and integrity as vital aspects of living. We believe in 100% transparency, in our vision, on the journey, and in the field. We won't settle for anything less.

LOVE: Love is the center of why we do what we do. If there was a core to our core values, it would be love. We believe when we operate in and through love we can make a positive global impact. 

HOLISTIC: We operate with a holistic perspective, viewing our work with many parts and wholly interconnected. We believe it is our responsibility to reach the destitute and marginalized; bringing restoration, healing, and quality care from the inside-out.


Jethro's is a non-profit coffee shop and student center serving the community of Albany, GA and providing free tutoring and student resources.
It is a place for people from all walks of life to come together for a common goal.

Behind the name: 
A long time ago there was a man named Moses who became the leader of an entire nation. He attempted to take care of every single thing all by himself. One day his father-in-law, Jethro, traveled from his country to see him. He observed all the work that Moses was doing and realized that there was no way Moses could accomplish everything by himself. Jethro said, “What you are doing is not good. The work is too much for you; you cannot handle it alone.” Moses listened to him and asked for help from people in his community. With that help, they were able to grow into a strong powerful nation that changed the world. 
It is from this story, that we named Jethro's Coffee Company. We want to see our city prosperous, strong, and powerful, but know that it takes the entire community coming together for that to happen. Our hope is that through Jethro's Coffee Company we will be able to greatly impact our community by 
working together.

Ascending Bird Sanctuary is a non-profit organization in South Carolina founded by Lori Barba. Lori is a naturalist and lover of this incredibly created Earth. She especially adores songbirds! As a federally licensed songbird rehabilitator, she is involved in the rehabilitation and care of many of their region's neediest species. 

”Songbirds have forever been poetic symbols of peace, freedom, hope and new life. Birds are of the heavens, causing us to lift our heads and consider the wonders of the world. Their songs lift our spirits and generate gladness of heart. Unfortunately, songbirds are in great decline due to numerous factors, many of which are caused by human kind. Our desire is to bring awareness to this plight through actively doing something about it. We hope our passion and love for birds will make an impact while inspiring our community to preserve the natural wonders of McCormick County.” - Lori Barba

Lori and her beautiful family have a Mission to create an environment and habitat that will facilitate the rehabilitation and release of native songbirds and waterfowl. They are currently in process of building new sanctuary grounds and their vision is to create an environment that can sustain a rich and diverse habitat for birds by planting an abundance of native beneficial trees, shrubs, wild flowers, berries, etc. The existing barn will be transformed into a facility for taking in birds that have been injured or orphaned. Large aviaries will provide the space for physical therapy, learning to fly and forage, thus preparing the birds to enter into the wild life they were created for strong and able. To “mind and ascend” is their modo.

​Ascending Bird Sanctuary and the Barba family have a lot of beautiful work to do, but just like the birds they care so deeply about, they will need a lot of help getting off the ground.

Their desire to be as the mustard seed, "which indeed is the least of all seeds; but when it is grown it is greater than the herbs and becomes a tree, so that the birds of the air come and nest in it's branches".

"If you take care of birds, you take care of most of the environmental problems in the world."
-Thomas Lovejoy, Biologist and Godfather of Biodiversity

Jacob goins

on earth music festival

Worship rebels

Alex & Brandi Castillo

Jacob Goins is a poet who dresses his words in delicate melody, carefully designed.
Born and raised in the Appalachians, Jacob fashions folk music that shares in the gentleness, the rise and fall, and the golden peacefulness of the North Carolina mountains. His writing is born of woods, of the emergence and recession of light, and of the silence in which he lingers. In every humble effort, he strives to make art that doesn’t sing over the quiet, but rather sings with it.

Jacob and his brother Andrew (upright bass) have shared their music in their home state, across Georgia, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Colorado, and more. Together they have performed in auditoriums, living rooms, and festival stages, and have shared shows with many artists they look up to, including Kevin Schlereth, Scott Knies, and Aaron Strumpel. Jacob is currently embracing the season of humble beginnings, and is in the midst of creating his best work to date. 

Worship Rebels are a musician family of four that carry an indigenous, worship, folk-rock sound.

Alex, Brandi, Eli, and Ethan Castillo release a sound of freedom everywhere they go.

They are an untamable family of worshipers of Yahweh, followers of Yashua, brothers keepers, fishers of men, and friends of sinners. Their intention is to march to the beat of Creator’s drum from the core of their redeemed beings & to release His sound back into the world through their voices and instruments for all of creation to hear. In awakening Alex to his own First Nations identity, the Father ignited a burning passion in them for their native brothers and sisters and for His purpose at work among all tribes and nations today. 

“that He might make worshipers out of rebels...that He might restore us again to the place of worship we knew when we were first created.” -A.W. Tozer

On Earth Music Festival is an annual music & arts gathering that takes place in East Texas. Creatives from across the nation gather to share their music and gifts at an outdoor amphitheater on 50+ acres of beautiful land called Music Springs. 

Releasing a Sound to birth a movement that will shift the culture of a whole generation, to restore the hearts of creation back to our Creator. Giving the Earth Voice! It’s time for another Jesus movement in this nation & this world. “ON EARTH” as it is in Heaven.

Bro. Red Squirrel is a joyful pilgrim and fellow friend who creates musical masterpieces that lean into abstract yet soulful soundscapes and melodies with thought provoking lyrical content. 

“I believe music is a GIFT and it is meant to be given back to the GIVER who Created it. I am a musician who loves sound and melody like millions/billions of others throughout the world. I just want ears to have something to chew on musically and lyrically. “ - Bro. Red Squirrel


Bro. Red Squirrel

Scott Kines


Andrew Goins


Kallup & Katelynn McCoy

Freelance Motion & Still Media: Crafting Prepossessing Narratives, Taking Captive the Eye.

Andrew Goins humbly grew up in the quaint mountains of North Carolina. Over time, he developed an eye for beauty, and mind for narratives, and began his journey on telling prepossessing narrative through the lens of his camera.

Andrew dreams of starting his own non-profit film company supporting mission organizations, and sharing the faithfulness of Christ through the testimony of laboring brothers and sisters around the world.

When Andrew does not have a camera in hand, you will likely find him playing music, reading theology, or settling in the woods.

 Kallup & Katelynn McCoy are proof that RECOVERY DOES HAPPEN. They are the founders of the nonprofit "RezHope Recovery and Consulting" and are both proud enrolled members of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians. 
 In 2018 Kallup put feet to faith as he embarked on his 1,212 mile journey to 
 run from Kituwah Mound in Cherokee, NC to Oklahoma in 40 Days. The route was chosen in remembrance of The Trail of Tears, to honor his Cherokee ancestors and to raise funds & awareness for those searching for Recovery. Katelynn joined Kallup for 400 miles on the trip. A true test of faith and courage, this Traill of Tears run was a journey of HOPE for those in recovery both on and off the reservation!

 Since then Kallup and Katelynn have ran/biked the Pacific Coast Highway from the boarder of Canada to Mexico and participated in many small and large races. In 2021 Katelynn became an IRONMAN Chattanooga finisher, as she proudly carried the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians flag across the finish line. Kallup in now training to be the first enrolled tribal member to qualify for the Olympic trials, in the half-marathon. Kallup wants to make his mark on the world and lead others to the same quality of life and spiritual freedom that he's been blessed to have.

Kallup and Katelynn, of Rez Hope, have shared their life changing stories and spoken to thousands of students across the country. They are actively involved in recovery and health efforts in their Tribe and community. They want to spread a message of hope and raise awareness of the country's opioid epidemic, specifically among Cherokee and other Native American Tribes. 

"We lock arms, put aside our differences, unite, and walk along beside each other – this is how we make an impact. This is how we change our community. We run for God, our ancestors, and for our recovery" ~Kallup McCOY ll
 Kallup and Katelynn McCoy continue embarking on incredible feats to raise hope & awareness for recovery for their people and all who are in need.... Declaring Hope with every Mile!!

Follow Kallup's journey HERE.

News Paper Article on Trail of Tears run: HERE.

Burningtown Collective

Kerby & Erin Worely

S.O.U.L Church

Pastor Leon & Jennifer Birdd

Burningtown Collective is a Christian Community bound by a mutual desire to worship God in Spirit and in Truth. We formed several years ago at Burningtown Music Festival when a small group of friends, strangers, musicians, and artists met in the mountains of Western North Carolina for a much needed time of rest and communion. Our purpose from the beginning was to meet with God in the beauty of His creation in order to offer our gifts back to Him, both individually and corporately. This is why Burningtown Collective was formed, and why we continue today.

We've made a lot of new friends since our first gathering, shared in many life-changing experiences, enjoyed great music, and made lasting memories. We still return to these mountains year-after-year to enjoy a time of fellowship with both God and man. In addition to our annual North Carolina gathering, we've also partnered with other communities in helping to build and facilitate events in South Carolina, Illinois, and Texas.

Burningtown Collective includes rooted locals, as well as wandering nomads. And while we often find ourselves separated geographically, we are continually united in proclaiming the Gospel of the One True God, and worshiping Him in Spirit and in Truth.

S.O.U.L. Church | Serving homeless & displaced of Dallas

S.O.U.L. Church exists for the primary purpose of spreading the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and ministering to homeless men, women and children living on the streets and in shelters near Downtown Dallas since 1995.

"The people of the streets are our friends as well as members of S.O.U.L. Church and we truly love them." 

S.O.U.L. has gone from “coffee and donuts” to an OPEN AIR Church service and Outreach in a parking lot, in the city. This ministry is headed up by Pastor Leon & Jennifer Birdd and consist of humble servants of all denominations across the Metroplex and North Texas.
Each and every Sunday morning the “Servants Of oUr Lord” do God’s bidding, feeding the minds, bodies, and souls of the homeless community. The volunteers set up a coffee & food truck, clothing & barber stations, live sound and stage, tents and seating to facilitate a gathering and meet the needs of about three hundred people from all walks of life in the Dallas area. 

S.O.U.L also has a weekly food bank that provides food boxes for individuals in need and truck loads to local churches and ministries enabling them to better serve their communities. 

What sets S.O.U.L. Church apart is the radiance and evidence of love that God’s people express to the lost and lonely. There is nothing extravagant about our OPEN AIR MINISTRY. We believe in the transforming power of God’s truth as we disciple it into the hearts of our homeless brothers and sisters of downtown Dallas. We love with no strings attached just as our Lord has loved us.
Offering our best, because what we do today effects generations to come! Luke 11:2