Love Tribe

empowering individuals and communities though music, love, & generosity


Love Tribe is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, that reaches out with hands of love and compassion, to heal, empower, and help bring positive change to individuals and communities in need throughout the United States. This grassroots non profit was officially founded in 2019 by Hannah and Bobby Morrison of Boha Tribe, afters years of serving the great needs they encountered across our nation as they traveled.

Love Tribe’s efforts over the last few years has been focused on helping individuals in recovery, filling the needs of the Native American reservations, as well as inner city outreach efforts to communities and individuals who are struggling with homelessness.

We are passionate about filling the needs of the broken whatever the issue and then empowering them to give to others that same love they received! Love is a river and we must steward the current well!

•Love Tribe caravan

Love Tribe is a caravan of Jesus people putting faith, love, and community on display through a network of Music Festivals, gatherings, outreach efforts, and events across the nation.
We feel we are called to carry a sound of love and hope to the world around us. We desire to inspire others to make a difference on this earth. Change starts with each of us in our daily walk, and in communities of dreamers who are unified for the cause of Healing and Restoration on the Earth. We believe in a "Revolution of Love" ... that will move all obstacles of bondage, hate, injustice, division, complacency, and any other false narrative that robs humanity of love, unity, or created purpose and identity.

We as a the Human Race are going to get it together.

"We're all formed in Creator's hand. Made with Love from the very start. We bare the image of God... every women, every man. Our color our culture is a work of art." (lyrics from our new song "Together")

We welcome you to harmonize with us. Let's "Hear the Music" and sing the song of heaven that reconciles creation to our Creator, that we may see the restoration of all things as healing comes to the earth. 
If you would like to be a part of this movement by bringing the Love Tribe Caravan to your community contact us at

•Native American Reservations

On the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, Love Tribe is currently investing in building relationships with a number of local families as well as helping to improve their quality of life by providing home improvements, clothing, supplies, groceries, and sharing the message of hope in a fresh approach that celebrates God-given identity and culture. We believe strongly that the restoration of culture and identity unlock the first steps to healing a people and removing the deep wounds of injustice. 
Our vision of seeing needs met and culture restored, is not only to serve, but also come along side our Native brothers and sister, empowering them be a part of the solution. We believe in helping individuals, through training and providing recourses thats would flow through their hands to neighboring families and bring positive change in their native communities.

If you would like give toward Love Tribe’s efforts on the Reservation you can donate at HERE or to send a check:

Make payable to: Love Tribe, Inc
P.O. Box 70724 Albany, Ga 31708
If you would like to volunteer your time and have experience as a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or have skills in greenhouse building/gardening you can email us at

•Recovery & Freedom

During their travels Bobby & Hannah Morrison share their story, music, and love at different recovery meetings, programs and events. Bobby, has a powerful testimony of how God intervened in his life and brought him to freedom from addiction. With over 10 years of sobriety he shares his experience, strength, and hope with recovery groups throughout the United States.

Sharing Music & Love

One of the most powerful elements of recovery is getting in purpose while in process. During our time sharing music as Boha Tribe, we have opened up our travels as an opportunity to take in individuals to help teach, equip, and introduce them to a new way of life. We believe the greatest healing and growth in life comes from a place of giving. Love is made complete, when it is received and then freely given to the world around us. Like the lyrics in on of our songs,

”The truth that we breath, is the love that we give.”
Those who travel with us will be involved in setting up and breaking down music equipment at events, serving others during community outreaches, missions, and humanitarian efforts. Learning how to give back on a daily basis, becomes like the current of a river. It is cleansing and constantly flowing, moving you forward into a positive and fulfilling lifestyle.
Another important part of recovery is having a healthy community and support system that offers love, mentorship, and accountability. During this process we become an on the road family. We will shares meals, devotions, and have constructive and inspirational conversation as we do life together on a daily basis.
For more details and information on this opportunity you can contact us at

Recovery on the Road

•Inner city outreach

We team up with local organizations across the nation, to feed and clothe the hungry in inner cities and communities that struggle with homelessness. As we serve in these communities, our goal is to bring joy and hope through music, provisions, and the message of redemptive love that conquers all.

community effort

“A Seat at the Table” is a outreach focused on pouring love, acceptance, and a sense of self worth into individuals who have struggled with homelessness.

Our vision is to gather a group of men and women who are in need, and honor them for a day, by way of a full make over, new clothing, and a banquet feast. At this banquet there will be fine dining, live music, an inspirational message, and the networking tools necessary to take the next step towards a better life.

For this outreach we will team up with local chefs, hair stylists, volunteers, organizations, and ministries who want to be a part of giving back in their community. 

We will help connect the individualist in need with substance abuse recovery programs, housing aid, employment and career training programs, churches, and a supportive community they can learn to trust and thrive in. Our hope is that through this night of being honored and giving the best we have to offer, those in need would be inspired to know their worth, that they have what is takes to break the cycle, and would be encouraged to move forward into achieving whatever their dream may be in life.
If you would like to be a part of this outreach and bring “A Seat at the Table” to your community you can email us at

A seat at the table