Bobby & Hannah,

lead creators of Boha Tribe!

This sound...this destiny has been growing roots and forming melody within us, long before we were even aware of the eternal song that would resound from our lives. Our story till this point is worth writing down and speaks of Gods goodness and ability to restore brokenness to the uttermost. When destinies align… On the other side of an overdose, a compassionate EMT connects two families… a story is born, a song is formed, and so our journey began! This created a passion to share the love and freedom we have found with the world around us and to release an authentic sound experience that facilitates an encounter with Creator, God.

In 2018 we decided to go all in. We purchased and began to restore a 1990 Airstream bus. The day after our Wedding Festival Celebration, on April 21, 2018 we hit the road for the "Breaking Bread Wedding Tour" and have been traveling ever since, sharing Music & Love everywhere we go.

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Celebrating the diverse sounds inspired by love, culture, and generations past & present. Our hope is that those who hear the music would be inspired to harmonize with the call for a "Revolution of Love" that sustains positive change across the globe.

In a time when so many are searching for hope, we want to make music that breaks down barriers.

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With original songs birthed from life's celebrations & trials, you will find lyrics formed in the experiences, revelations, and growth we have encountered along the journey. As artists we believe that every individual should release a sound and creative originality that is unique to who they are.

The sound we release is interwoven within our love for one another and the One who gave us life. It is our soul's cry and a pure expression of the very fabric our being.