The Bread House Sessions

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The Bread House Sessions is a live video and album project, created for those listeners who want to go deeper and color outside the lines that box in creative expression.

We gathered with about 13 musicians & singers, some of our favorite people from around the nation to create a soulful, classic yet cultural sound of hope.

Help us spread the love and share this with your friends. PEACE! 

- Boha

NOTE: cd orders will be fulfilled starting January 6th, 2021!


We want to celebrate the diverse sounds inspired by love, culture, and generations past & present. Our hope is that those who hear the music would be inspired to harmonize with the call for a "Revolution of Love" that sustains positive change across the globe.

In a time when so many are searching for hope, we want to make music that breaks down barriers.

"A Little More Love"

Both a song and a prayer, was recorded live as part of the album project, "The Bread House Sessions", at a local bakery in downtown Albany, GA. This live sound experience was brought to life by an eclectic group of soulful creatives we call our tribe. A relevant write, as a call to love, with the purpose to release the sound of hope, equality, and unity.